Second editionPaul and Peter Okoye have been really hot for sometime now; taking stardom in Nigeria to an explosive level. No show is complete without them; the press loves them; the girls go crazy about them; their music is everywhere. In this explosive interview, we explore the other side of the duo, who have been a great inspiration to many young people. Culled from P-Square interview: Varsity Vogue magazine, second edition.


Our dream is to Produce a magazine that all the universities in different parts of Africa can get addicted to; a magazine that will serve as a common-room for all the universities in Africa; one magazine to link them all. culled from the editorial of the first edition of Varsity Vogue magazine 2005.
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Varsity Vogue magazine showcases all the universities in Africa; exposing the amazing talents, untapped resources, ingenious ideas and a bank of capabilities that exist in these universities. It's amazing to see what African universities can offer!

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One of the best events of 2006 is the Miss Nigeria Campus, 2006, held in Lagos, Nigeria.
ISA: Def boys. Pic: VV Library
All the international students in Ghana have an Association called the International Students Association. Every year they hold an award/party to cheer themselves on. The 2006 edition was remarkable.
Please, inform us of any event you are about to have or has had call +2348037533593. Be part of the next Edition. Send in a Story. Send in a joke. Inform us of any cool event going on in your school. Do you have a talent you want everybody to know about? Call us, we will showcase you. Thank you for your interest in Varsity Vogue.

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