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An International School of Adult Education

PRH (Personnalit et Relations Humaines) was founded in 1970 by
French Educator Andr Rochais.

PRH offers a unique method of self-discovery to individuals, couples, parents and groups.

Rochais devoted his life to exploring the depths of the person.

The result is PRH, a science for the growth of the "being".

The "being" is the PRH term for the dynamic inner core of every person, the place of each one's goodness, wisdom and power. The PRH process offers people concrete means to:

  • Discover the Being
  • Remove obstacles to their growth and the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

Among these means, workshops are central.

Andr Rochais

PRH- Ireland
30 St Joseph's Villas, Athlone,
Co Westmeath
Tel +353 (0) 902 94613
E-mail info@prhireland.com
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